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SEO is Affordable

Marketing App that Small businesses love because it Simple, Affordable, Effective, and Easy to use with no marketing experience required.

The Problem 

Making your website perform well in search engine rankings is difficult because it necessitates staying current with Google's algorithm updates and current trends.


SEO and website marketing research can eat up a lot of your time, and agencies can charge a lot of money for uncertain outcomes.

DIY SEO from LionRank gives you easy, straightforward tools to manage your own online presence.


So Simple to use SEO 

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If you're a Small Business Owner with little or no marketing experience and don't know where to start when it comes to increasing website traffic, Without the high costs of agencies,

LionRank is a DIY SEO tool that crawls your entire site for issues and suggests simple, easy-to-follow tasks with guides specific to your website style.

We'll also keep track of your keyword rankings and changes, as well as keep you informed about your site's results.

Win More

Gain more customers with a professional SEO tool written in plain English that motivates people to take action.​

Simply enter your company's details, and LionRank will suggest straightforward, simple tasks along with a video tutorial on how to complete them.

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Let Your Website Take Your Business to Higher Ground

Making websites easier for business owners by offering easy-to-implement SEO by providing video tutorial of each step till your reach your goal and higher ranking.

Self Employed

Who We Are

LionRank was originally an Idea of Mido Said to help small business owners. He is an actual self-employed small business owner who owns a local brick-and-mortar business, not an online guru who is trying to sell their product or service to get rich.


LionRank is a simple and easy-to-use SEO tool and it's affordable to any small business owner who are trying to rank higher in the search engines to gain more exposure.

Making websites easier for business owners by offering easy-to-implement local and national SEO by providing video tutorial of each step till your reach your goal and higher ranking.


LionRank DIY SEO tool supports all large Content Management Systems (CMSs), ensuring that the optimization strategy is tailored to the framework and easy for you to understand.


We support WordPress, Wix, Drupal, Joomla 3.2, Magento, Shopify, Duda, Weebly,  PrestaShop 1.6, Opencart, Jimdo, Squarespace, Webs, and GoDaddy Website Builder.

What We Do

Optimize and rank your website higher to dominate your niche and the search engine
SEO service solutions for local business
affordable Website Design for small busi
Design a website that converts your traffic into leads and sales 
A press release goes a long way and will help you establish a trusted relationship with journalists.
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Our Partners

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