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Frequently asked questions

How does it work?

It's very easy! We do all the work for you, Relax and watch the rankings, you lean back. After you sign up for one of our affordable SEO packages 1-We research the keywords that will be the most effective for you. 2-We send a summary report showing where you currently rank for those keywords 3-You approve the keywords on your baseline report 4-We optimize your website and your meta tag and title 5-We build citations 6-We build links 7-We write blogs for your website 8-We give you an updated SEO report within 30 days that displays the difference in the rankings. You will then check the work and see if everything has been done. Our method is completely straightforward, with no b.s.

How long should I do SEO?

SEO is always supposed to be done. It is essential that the website is up to date, that new content is continually created and that backlinks are the priority. And if you already have top Ranking, being active and post new contect and targeting new keywords will keep you ahead of the competition.

What happens if I stop my SEO services?

YOU ARE THE OWNER OF EVERYTHING WE DO! We can not delete, hijack, or erase something we have done on your web if you quit working with us. ​However, even though you have top scores, we recommend that you do not avoid SEO. Stopping SEO is a lot like stopping your normal exercise. You will be powerful for a time, but you will gradually lose your strength. It is important to remain competitive in SEO in order to stay ahead of the competition.

What is the purpose of the blogs?

We use blogs to create high-quality content, develop connections, and expand your website. Content is king, and the larger your website and the more high-quality content we create, the easier it would be to rank you. Please keep in mind that our aim is to rank your website's core pages, not the blog material, which is why the majority of your blog content would not be keyword-heavy.

What is Press Release?

Via media attention, Press Release assists small businesses, startups, and writers in increasing online traffic and customer quality. We write and send news releases to newspapers, trade magazines, and key industry influencers, increasing your exposure and reputation while generating more income from your ideal clients.

Monthly Contract

LionRank is a monthly subscription. Customers are billed monthly. The billing period begins on the first day of the activation of a paid feature of LionRank or their trial ends. On this day the customer is billed for the first month, they are then billed again every 30 calendar days for the following month's subscription. Cancelation of a LionRank monthly contract can be done via support.

How long is your contract?

We do not have any contracts. It's a month-to-month service. However, we advise keeping the services at lease for at least 90 days to see results.

How easy is it to cancel?

You can cancel at any time by contacting support at

How do I get started?

To get started simply sign up on our website by choosing a package After you sign up you will have a form to fill out about your business to get us started

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