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3 Local SEO Tips for Businesses to Rank Higher on Google

 3 Local SEO Tips for Businesses to Rank Higher on Google

Businesses like yours need a steady flow of paying customers or clients to keep operations running and profitable. In exchange for that, people can meet their immediate needs and wants. This free-flowing relationship is nowadays regulated through a series of back and forth online interactions, which usually start with a simple Google search. However, your digital presence should compete with others to garner more engagements. This is where local search engine optimization (SEO) comes in.

Although it is important for entrepreneurs to expand their reach on a global scale, developing locality is not something that should be overlooked, especially if you are building a positive reputation with your target market and want to have that competitive edge against other prominent businesses nearby. To ensure you stay on top, refer to the following tips:

  1. Use city-focused queries to bolster your business’s ranking on the search results page

There are tons of relevant search inquiries that can come your way. For instance, if you are a restaurant owner, you can garner organic traffic through the following Google searches:

“Where is the best restaurant near me?”

“Highly reviewed food businesses nearby”

“Restaurants in [insert city here]”

“Which restaurants are the best near me?”

Investing in high-quality landing pages for your business website can help you have a better local SEO score. Just ensure you avoid negative practices, like keyword stuffing and paid linking purchasing. Instead, have well-written, unique content to garner sustainable readership and confirmed clicks for a product or service acquisition. If you can’t keep up with expectations, ensure consistency by consulting with a trustworthy SEO service provider.

  1. Feature customer testimonials from confirmed purchases or visits to entice prospects

It is a given that confirmed positive client experiences from businesses are strong indicators of a trustworthy brand or service provider. However, you may want to focus on your immediate niche: the local community. Doing this can allow your team to have more authentic, homegrown connections with dedicated customers. You can also garner more reviews on multiple Google-approved platforms, like Google My Business, Facebook, and Yelp.

Just remember that fraudulent customer reviews are a big no-no since Google’s search algorithms penalize fake or spam-looking content. Worse, your GMB account can be revoked, leading your business to have a harder time establishing a digital presence. To encourage local reviews effectively, look into reaching out to customers either online or offline and let them know that you appreciate their valuable input.

  1. Don’t underestimate the power of Google’s preference for location data points

Aside from including the city in your landing pages, it is also important to hyper-target your business’ locality with local data points. It is a great way for Google to prioritize your website because of specificity and relevancy for localized, organic traffic. Think of it as taking part in boosting the community’s local economy by external linking and referring to other reputable establishments within your vicinity, like hotels, schools, sports stadiums, among others.

Incorporating location data points is also great for businesses with multiple branches and target areas, letting Google know that you have a wider reach and can use some visibility on the local search results pages. Just write top-quality, optimized blogs, produce interesting videos, and look for other ways to optimize your site.


Local SEO is a great way to allow you to thrive online while taking advantage of your strengths as a homegrown product or service provider. However, it can be tedious to stay on top of this highly competitive space, especially if your local economy is thriving. Fortunately, it is doable as long as you keep the tips mentioned above in mind and reach out to experts like us to take these strategies to the next level!

LionRank is your source for affordable local SEO services and other digital presence solutions to outrank your competitors on Google and other search engines. With our professional team’s help, you can establish strong customer relationships and generate sustainable revenue to scale your operations easily. Get in touch with us today through our website or email us at for more information!


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