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6 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Its Online Presence

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

6 Ways Your Small Business Can Improve Its Online Presence

Going digital is a necessity for many businesses since such a large proportion of their target audience spends a significant amount of time active online. In a world where so many people are on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more, it can be troubling to figure out how you can make your own brand stand out and make your presence known.

Enterprises—especially small businesses—often encounter challenges with penetrating the digital sphere and amassing an audience online. There are lots of strategies that can be of use when you’re starting or trying to improve.

Here are a few tips that might help you with your online presence:

1 - Determine Your Current Marketing Position

If you already have a website and profiles online, the first thing you should do is investigate. Check your analytics and see where you currently stand. Improving your online presence begins with actually understanding how it’s doing in the first place and your current ways of managing it.

Does your website have a current direction that you want to maintain? Is the business posting content as frequently as you’d like? Is there a social media platform that the business isn’t on yet? Regularly assessing your position will help keep your strategy up to date and figure out how to optimize your profiles.

If you have yet to have an online presence, start with what you already know. Where does your target audience spend most of their time? What type of content do they look for? Competitor analysis and conversations with your customers will prove to be incredibly insightful during this time.

2 - Identify Your Audience

Another point to zero in on is the audience that your business has or aspires to have. It’s just like marketing, where you’re trying to provide products and services to cater to a customer. Think about who you’re speaking to when posting online.

Check your analytics to see what current followers are like and the network they’re likely to have. Always have that audience in mind when crafting every aspect of your business to serve and appeal to those prospects.

3 - Have a Schedule for Posting

One of the most significant points that a business’s online presence falters is when they cannot have consistent posts up. An audience may not remember your brand, or the algorithm won’t be in your favor when showing posts to an audience.

At the same time, though, don’t post something just for the sake of it. Both consistency and depth should be intertwined when on social media. Be purposeful about posting and making your brand stand out.

4 - Create Engaging Content

Before you have a good schedule for posting, you need quality content. Something worth viewing will entice your audience and keep them coming back for information! Look at it as your followers having an interest or question out in the open, and your business is a provider for those needs. Make content that’s relevant and worth consuming.

5 - Build Relationships Online

The very basis of social media is making connections with people. As a business, it’s a must to have that trait of speaking with your audience not just through posts but comments and replies as well. Be human and make people feel like they’re heard, even if it’s a compliment or complaint. Handling it publicly will contribute to online presence and image.

6 - Work On SEO and Advertising

Your brand will grow more quickly and organically when it’s coupled with the intentions and actions of improving your SEO and digital advertising. Start-ups can enhance their local SEO on Google before moving up to target a bigger audience. Use keywords in your content that are relevant to your brand and anchor it on a location.


Fostering a solid presence online can take quite some time, but following these tips should be able to get you in the right direction and speed up things a little. Having a sound strategy will help get you the results that you need in terms of your audience and SEO rankings.

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