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Critical Changes to the Google Search Console

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

A business must always be up-to-date with the latest in their industry’s news to remain a competitive service provider. However, in another sector business owners should watch out to maintain the success of their operation.

As every experienced marketer should know, Google regularly updates their Google Search Console to make changes to the algorithm to match online user behavior. For this reason, a company’s marketing team must stay updated with these developments to adapt their marketing efforts and site optimization accordingly.

Recent changes to the Google Search Console

A consumer’s usage of search engines has been pivotal in connecting brands and service providers from a local to an international scale. Since most modern brands are utilizing digital platforms to communicate with their target demographic, they must consider any advancements to the Google Search Console. Doing so ensures that they can make necessary preparations to avoid losing their brand positioning and online visibility.

In this article, we’ll share three critical changes to the Google Search Console you should note.

1. Updates on Google’s Core Web Vitals

The sooner you have access to critical information, the more well-prepared you’ll be to implement necessary changes to your digital marketing strategy. Google recently updated their FAQ page concerning Core Web Vitals & Page Experience. This allows marketers to look forward to potential adjustments that they should expect during Google’s future algorithm update.

The early update of the page’s FAQ is a step in the right direction, which should also be a cause for alarm for marketers. Any change that requires an introductory FAQ page may be a complex adjustment to how ranking variables will affect Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings. Thankfully, Google has decided to take its time before implementing these changes, opting to postpone the upcoming update for May. Nevertheless, businesses should remain alert in monitoring their metrics and preparing for long-term plans for renewed marketing efforts.

2. Filtering and comparison update for performance reports

The Google Search Console’s addition of the filtering and comparison features for performance reports will make it easier for users to assess issues on your site conveniently. Instead of exporting raw data and using another software, you can do your auditing directly from the Google Search Console.

Unfortunately, reception on this feature isn’t overwhelmingly positive. This is the case since the learning curve of mastering it can be steep. However, this is an expected challenge that marketers need to overcome to receive more access to the benefits of filtering. Thankfully, there are plenty of online tutorials you can view to learn more about mastering the Google Search Console’s features.

3. Displaying health-related price information

Hiding a product or service’s price until a certain point in the buyer’s journey can be a useful strategy in some cases. However, Google’s monitoring of some hospitals’ websites has led regulators to implement a strict ruling on healthcare services offered online. Healthcare sites were caught using a no-index tag to prevent certain pages from appearing in search results, some of which contained critical pricing information. After some deliberation, it’s now illegal to hide health-related price information intentionally in the US.


Learning about these changes to the Google Search Console is just the first of many steps you’ll take in optimizing your website. After processing this information, your next task is to assess if your landing pages reflect these changes or if they require updates. Thankfully, there are several apps and web-based platforms that give a comprehensive view of your pages’ statistics.

There are many effective tools that can help make your business easier in different departments. At Lion Rank, we allow marketers to use a DIY SEO tool that can do a comprehensive audit of your site while providing innovative solutions and recommendations. Start with an affordable subscription of a $7-trial with us today!


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