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How to Optimize for Google Discover

Google Discover is by no means a new feature, but it holds the key to a new and more successful SEO landscape. Discover essentially allows for the seemingly impossible to happen—the ability for consumers to conduct a search less search.

It works much like how social media platforms work. Your YouTube accounts and Instagram feeds operate on algorithms that match you with things you’ve searched for, essentially allowing your experience to become more personalized.

In doing so, you’re constantly exposed to content you enjoy, and this is exactly how Discover works. The feed needs to be supported by organic search results, thereby offering your users richer results. They’ll gain access to information such as articles, videos, advertisements, and even news, curated based on their activities.

Mixed with Google’s AI and other tools, your SEO campaign goes through another transformation—this time, success is guaranteed. To learn more about Google Search, here is a rundown of all its features and benefits:

Curate Meaningful Content For Your Target Users

When it comes to reaching Google success, content creators are encouraged to focus on what they do best—create interesting content that people find value in. This may perhaps be your current strategy now, but Discover will allow you much higher success rates. With the help of the algorithm and your well-made content, more users will be compelled to engage and interact.

Ranking has never been easier, but you’ll need to ensure that you focus on key factors: the quality of content and the user’s interest. This formula allows you to create multiple quality pieces, all without the fear of doing too much. In doing so, you’re able to link them together, creating a sequence of interesting topics your users will love discovering. In doing so, you boost your SEO campaigns.

Use Better And More Optimized Photographs

While writing meaningful content is integral to maximizing your online presence, it’s also important to include photos on your website. Not only does doing this increase the appeal of your site, but this also has the added bonus of helping your content rank higher in Google Searches, Discover, and other search engines.

Including quality photos for your website is paramount, but you also have to optimize them for search algorithms. It’s crucial to give them text-based descriptions and compress them enough to not slow down your site’s loading time. When it comes to user experience, a holistic approach is key to success.

Invest In A Robust Set of Video Content

Aside from adding photos, another way to capture your audience’s attention and help with your online visibility is to post quality video content. This is especially important in Google Discover, where it heavily favors video content. As the digital age progresses, users are more likely to view videos and learn from them rather than just read blocks of text.

While text content will not be outdated anytime soon, it’s still a highly potent strategy to invest in video content for your brand. With many viable and affordable options in creating video content, you don’t have to break the bank in doing so. All you need is a little more creativity to boost your business—all made possible with the help of Google Discover!

Making the Most of Your SEO Campaigns

Google remains to be a company built for the users—in other words, all their services are geared towards perfecting the user experience, which is why your company is expected to do the same. Offering quality content is just some of the ways you can do this, and with the help of Google Discover, you boost your chances of engaging in a seamless experience. You allow your users to gain access to the content they’ll undoubtedly love and enjoy, and in turn, you boost your Google credibility and SEO campaigns.

If you need help to optimize your business, LionRank is ready to help you. We offer you an unparalleled platform, guaranteed to make SEO marketing a fruitful experience, even for beginners. With powerful features and a clear user interface, LionRank will help you reach success. Say yes to growth—get your early bird discount today.


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