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8 Tips to Drive More Web Traffic from Social Media

Social media is a platform used by marketing teams to find and connect with their target audience. Almost everyone uses social media nowadays, and businesses should use this as leverage to enhance their reach and establish brand recognition and recall.

How to use Social Media Marketing to Increase Your Site Traffic

1. Link Your Website URL to Your Social Media Pages

First of all, you should add the URL of your website to your social media page. The most common places are the "about" section and your bio. The former can be pretty lengthy and is usually placed below your photo and tagline. On the other hand, the latter is a short description of your social media profile and is located next to your name. Your page's URL can be written in either of these sections.

2. Use Hashtags and Tag People

Hashtags and tags are a way to mark your posts for people to find and locate your posts on social media. When you mention someone in a tweet, it is a sign of your appreciation for them, which will encourage people to check and read your post.

Don't just tweet a link. Include a few words in your tweet so that people will see there is something more to your tweet than just a plug.

3. Use Social Media Ads

Social media ads are a simple way of reaching a targeted audience. You can easily create ads that will appear on specific pages of your targeted audience.

Facebook offers a section on their page that can allow you to choose a target based on age, gender, location, and likes (among others). You can also set your advertising budget and decide the day and time when you want your ad to run.

The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can measure the effectiveness of your ad campaign. Every week, you will get a report that will detail the performance of your ad. If you want to know your site's performance, you can simply add the site URL to your campaign.

Other social media sites also offer advertising services, so it is good to remember to check what they offer.

4. Make Your Content Shareable

Whether posting an image or text, make sure your content is worth reading. To create content that can be shared, you should keep a few things in mind. The content needs to be relevant to your audience, it should be short and to the point, and it must be engaging.

5. Use Videos to Your Advantage

Content marketing is not just limited to written content. It also includes images, videos, and audio. The beauty of using video content is that it is more engaging than written content. It also helps you capture your audience's attention, making them more likely to share it.

6. Use Quality and Engaging Images In Your Posts

Not all pictures are created equal. Be careful when publishing an image to ensure that it is the best representation of your content. Also, use graphics and photos that would grab your audience's attention.

7. Always Post Your Website URL on Your Social Media Captions

Always add the website URL of your social media post. Doing this will help get more people familiar with your site. When you include your website link to your post caption, you focus on the fact that you have a website.

8. Post Frequently

Social media is a platform, and it is important that you have a presence there. People will expect you to post updates regularly. The good news is that there are no set rules regarding the frequency of your posts. The most important thing is to post regularly to keep your audience engaged.


Social media marketing is a great way to market websites and drive traffic. It is a way to keep your audience engaged and get them to know you and your website better. Using social media to your advantage can improve your customer retention rate and increase your profitability.

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