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Top SEO Trend for Higher Search Rankings

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

Top SEO Trend for Higher Search Rankings

SEO has now become real time. This means websites with excellent quality content receive a quick response from the search engine algorithm which then helps them to rank high in the top search result of Google instantly.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has come a long way since Google started updating its algorithm frequently. Hundreds of algorithm changes, content improvement, search engine ranking drop, panda, penguin, and hummingbird update have made the SEO shake its entire roots. We have seen many top sites lose their ranking overnight. On the other hand, some good websites received appreciation from the Google algorithm through high search engine rankings. The up and downs in the SEO industry made the search engine industry a volatile industry where things can change overnight and impact millions of websites all around the world.

SEO has now become real-time. This means websites with good quality content receive a quick response from the search engine algorithm which then helps them to rank high in the top search result of Google instantly.

The search volume of Google has reached the pinnacle where top sites receive thousands of visitors from organic searches. This means that companies who are ranking at the top receive good exposure through organic ranking. However, the popularity of these search engines has increased competition in the market. Everyone is pushing their limits to reach the top spot of the Google ranking.

Here are some of the factors that affect your search engine ranking. Apply them to your SEO strategy to obtain higher rankings in the search engines.

1) On-page Factor:

The basics of SEO begin with the on-page element of your website. In the early days, things were very simple, but now search engines such as Google have made it more complex. For instance, the schema markup implementation, meta tags utilization, amp page conversion, and website with user-friendly layout are some of the on-page factors which are essential to get the top ranking in Google.

2) Design of the website:

The design of the website also plays a big role in engaging users. New search engines algorithm obeys the rules of user engagement. If your users are happy with the design of the site and if they are comfortable browsing the website, then the search engines will also acknowledge your website for top ranking.

3) Website Errors:

Google has launched a new version of the webmaster tool to mitigate the errors websites generally receive for various reasons. The webmaster tool is a more advanced tool that checks your website health consistently and gives you an alert if it detects any problems on your site. I consider websites with zero errors as quality sites. As the owner of the website, you should keep an eye on any error message received in the webmaster tool. Fix them as early as possible to avoid any penalty.

4) Off-page SEO:

The term off-page has now become wider as the exposure of the website is more important than generating the backlinks. Google considers many other aspects such as brand value, brand popularity, new product keyword introduction, etc., in the off-page activity. A website that is doing well in reaching a larger audience and generating natural backlinks through the user content is normally gaining more popularity in the industry. No more backlink focus SEO is required, you can simply focus on generating good quality content which eventually helps you in building high-quality backlinks for your website.

5) Content is the king:

You might have heard this word many times in various marketing campaigns. All the search engines are now focusing on quality content. They do not care how old you are in the business or how many backlinks you have from the reputed websites. If your users like your pages, then it shows you have something unique which makes your users stay on your website longer. Eventually, you get the top ranking for particular keywords even if you do not have many backlinks pointing to your site.


SEO has become more technical compared to the earlier version of the SEO strategies. It is more content-oriented, which requires users to create unique content. Create a user-oriented SEO strategy, so that you can rank quickly in the organic search.

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