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Law firm SEO case Study

Law Firm SEO Case Study

Dramatic Increase in Free Traffic From Search Engines

Countless aspects influence the success of a law firm. Still, one of the most crucial is being visible to current and prospective customers. It is apparent that most customers locate legal services through search, and recommendations play an essential part as well.

Today's case study will look at the success story of one premier law firm.

It provides legal services and solutions in various areas, including personal injuries, businesses, and licenses.

Continue reading to see how this law company used SEO to help it flourish in the competitive legal industry.

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The Challenge

While the Law Firm has gone a long way since its founding in 2008, thanks to its comprehensive knowledge and unrivaled track record of accomplishments in various specializations, it needed assistance with local SEO.

The primary obstacle, and the most important of all, was the competition. The legal firm is well known in its profession and has achieved great success in various sectors but it faced a lot of stiff competition when it came to SEO. Other huge legal firms in the industry were already dominating SEO, so it would take a lot of effort for this company to rank above them.

They desired to change their marketing emphasis to SEO and search engine marketing where there was an audience actively seeking legal services. In order to do this, they needed to:

  • Create a high-performance, SEO-optimized website with structured and straightforward ways to update new content.

  • Look for keywords that connect a potential client's requirement with the law firm's offerings.

  • Examine the competition and see what chances exist for keywords and links.

  • Produce useful content. More valuable than rivals in terms of both user experience and expert perspective.

The company also did not want downtime or service interruptions during the website overhaul process.

The Solution

The law firm's attention focused on long-term outcomes that would permanently push them above and rank them higher than their competition. Therefore, we needed to offer a high-quality approach that would be quick to implement but robust enough to survive for ages and not interrupt their services during the website overhaul process. 

We started our campaign with a solid optimization framework, as with most customers. We created and implemented a robust approach to enhance rankings, site visits, and lead conversion. We ensured everything from verifying that informational material was accurate, comprehensive, and consistent to producing and distributing SEO-friendly content.

We also optimized all of their primary navigation pages using longtail keywords and other SEO strategies to rank for variants of the essential keywords

 Fresh New Website

We began by auditing their website and identifying errors and where adjustments were needed.

Then, once we had a clear concept for redesigning the site, we set to work.

We developed a completely new website. It involves a unique URL, all-new content, and other on-page optimization for redesigning a complete site, including overall user experience enhancements.

We wanted this website to appear impressive and work effectively while giving visitors an exciting experience. We ensured that everything seemed unified and appealing, both visually and operationally.

Keyword Research

We made a list of topics that prospective clients would be looking for for each service. We utilized SEO tools to examine what popular search phrases our competition were ranking for and whether we could rank for any of them.

The SEO tool also identifies the related keywords. It served as the foundation for optimizing "service-level" web pages. 

These are the sales pages where we want to demonstrate that we can assist them and urge them to contact us.

Content Strategy and On-Page Optimization

Our editorial team generated extra blog content to assist the topical validity and complexity in the eyes of visitors and search engines.

We optimized landing page copy for increased keyword searches using our exclusive content writing tools.

We ensured that all on-page content optimizations included geographical language, physical locations, and essential city names.

Final Thoughts

Getting The Results

We achieved significant results within a year. When compared to the average industry figures, our figures were terrific. All this was possible due to our more focused approach to an SEO strategy.


After launching this campaign, there was a consistent increase in organic traffic. The stats were remarkable compared to industry averages. Still, The data itself is proof of how effective this law firm's SEO strategy was.

Law firm SEO Results

Furthermore, organic search was perhaps the most productive when it came to web traffic, accounting for 54.3 percent of all traffic.

Law Firm SEO Organic Traffic

Target Keywords Ranking

The law firm beat its primary competitors, securing first and second rankings for the specified keywords on the search engine results pages (SERPs). Success!

Apart from 16 keywords ranking in the top three results, we also noticed 13 keywords ranking in the top ten, 20 keywords ranking in the top twenty, 61 keywords ranking in the top hundred, and 153 organic keywords ranking in the top 100 overall.

Each month, our target keywords seemed to climb higher in the ranks. 

Law firm SEO Keyword Results

Building Credibility

The firm's attorneys are all involved in professional and community organizations. We had the attorneys approach the heads of those organizations and offer to publish a guest blog, provide comments on current topics, collaborate on projects, and so on to gain links from them.

These locally relevant and industry-specific connections immediately improved local SEO ranking.

When everything is said and done, the SEO work for this legal practice increased their DA score from 8 to 38 in less than 18 months. It instantly generated more quality leads in their funnel, which equals more income when those leads convert to paying customers.

The company noticed significant gains in ranks for keywords, backlinks, website authority score, accessibility score, and keyword rankings, to mention a few.

It implies that customers were more likely to discover the business while scouring the internet for a legal professional in their local area. It is essential because many individuals now begin their search for a practicing lawyer on browsers before choosing whether or not to engage a firm.

All of this leads to more clients, leading to more money for the legal firm. More traffic means more possibilities to engage with clients and deepen client relationships over time.


It also helps to strengthen the firm's reputation and establish it as an expert in its field.


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