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5 Website Design That Drives Sales

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

5 Website Design That Drives Sales

Many people concentrate on creating a website that looks good when it comes to online exposure, but conversion is just as critical. Isn't it what we're aiming for? Your website may now have a lot of visitors, but if they aren't turning into sales or leads, you may reconsider your website design. If you're trying to create a website for your business, you'll need to pay attention to the finer points. The explanation for this is that any aspect of your website can aid in the conversion of any traffic you get into a lead.

1- Ensure Navigation is Simple

One of the most well-known reasons people move from one website to another is getting trapped inside it. If your website lacks a simple navigation tool, your visitors may have a hard time locating the information they need to last longer on your site. It's much worse if the website lacks a clickable navigation factor or search functionality. You must maintain quick navigation at all times if you want visitors to stay longer, discover your site further, and sign up.

2- Visible Call-To-Action (CTA)

Since you are giving your guests instructions about what to do, a good and noticeable CTA will improve your conversion efficiency. To draw interest, your CTA should stand out from the rest of your material. Choosing the right color that will not only stick out and not fit in with the rest of the landing page but will also subconsciously speak to the reader. An orange button on a blue screen, for example, makes the CTA more visible to possible leads. Above the fold, there are also highly prominent CTAs.


Since a video is more entertaining than a long post, it will still attract a larger audience. Here are three interesting reasons to have a video on your website:

  • Video boosts conversions and revenues.

  • Video builds trust.

  • Since Google enjoys animations, it will help your SEO.

4- Short Contact Form

Filling out forms is not something We love doing. People don't want to send their city, state, last name, pet's name, and ten other pieces of information when they go online. You should always keep contact forms short, otherwise, you risk giving guests an excuse not to sign up. Simply request a name, an email address, and a zip code, and you'll have a valid lead.

5- An Amazing Landing Page

It may be your home page, your support page, or even a different page, but landing pages are built with a single-centered CTA. It should be built to catch the visitor's eye and ideally persuade them to convert. You should have an outstanding headline, a high-quality graphic, a well-written summary, and a good CTA on your landing page to make it amazing.


Driving traffic to your website or your landing page is an easy task that anyone can do, but when it comes to converting this traffic to leads and then customers are a bit of a challenge. Make sure to look and not ignore all the elements on your website, such as choosing the correct color, strong CTA, strong headline, and even your contact form

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